Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Dating Scene

I thought maybe I would have my alien character go on some dates. He seems to want to assimilate into our culture in all aspects, so why not have him mack on some ladies?

And no, I do not have names yet for my characters! The cartoon is still in its infancy, so I'm not really gonna rush it- I'm waiting for the right names to hit me (although once named, the cartoon will still be called Alien and Dog).

I'm excited for what adventures these characters will go on...I have many many ideas. Seems like I've been focusing on the alien a lil bit more than the dog, so I'm going to get some strong 'dog centered' cartoons done this week.



  1. Like she cares...

    She probably works as a waitress at a greasy spoon, and just says she's a "nutritionist"!!!(tee hee)

    MsBurb (You're portraying MY Life but I'm STILL not gonna tell ya which one I am...alien or dog!)

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