Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I originally just did this image the other night for a new header/title image at the top of the blog for the new season. But I thought ah what the heck- it can stand alone as a cartoon piece as well. It's also fitting considering where I live we just dumped on with over a foot of snow last night!


  1. Ahhhhh, but you COULD have had the alien make a real snow alien on the ground, get it? snow angel - snow alien!!!

    THAT is what I was expecting when I read your post title...but hey, I'm keep mum and let's pretend I didn't think of it first...go ahead, draw anew, I won't tell if you don't! (tee hee)

  2. Just a random hello.
    I really like the way you draw the dog. That sounds weird, but I am someone who thoroughly enjoys a well-drawn cartoon dog. =)

  3. Well I am definitely a lover of canines and love drawing dogs! So thank you and thanks for looking!!!! -RC