Saturday, January 9, 2010 3D!

The views expressed by my characters do not necessarily reflect the views of the artist, haha. And if you haven't seen the movie 'Avatar', the cartoon won't make much sense.... but I really enjoyed 'Avatar' and the 3D was quite impressive as well. Definitely worth going to see!

You also may notice I put some other alien characters in the movie theater audience. I figured that my alien character wasn't the only extraterrestrial on Earth - that there were more that have decided to come live and join our way of life - hey, it could happen someday! I thought it would make for a fun universe to play with in my cartoon (that and I enjoy drawing quirky little monster/alien guys!).


  1. haven't seen the film but like your cartoon..
    look forward to seeing the other ets in the future !!

  2. good cartoon, me like!!! and don't fool yourself, that was the first thing outta the movie you said too that the alien was hott! :)