Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Almighty Beard

I am also a big supporter of the beard. I grew one a little over a year ago and have had it since. I'm a dude that could shave his face twice a day, but now with a beard I simply have to maintain it- much easier. Plus the lady now prefers me with one- win-win situation( I don't imagine Geel will keep his though). Included is a pic I snapped of my furry face in photo booth on my computer- I think I needed an excuse to play around on it....


  1. Hey, I checked out comicsroulette and asked Guillaume if he would show some of my stuff. He said yes. Thanks for sharing. I saw Geel and Kevin there too. he he he.
    PS. Dig the beard.

  2. No problem. The more places our cartoons are shown- the better! :D