Monday, May 3, 2010

The importance of breakfast!

This cartoon basically sums up some feelings of mine on various breakfast cereals available for children. There is a LOT of money spent on the promotion of cereals towards kids (many that include beloved cartoon characters!)- and many of these cereals are packed with ungodly amounts of sugar. The best way to start off the morning everyday growing up? Geel seems to be getting quite the sugar buzz....

I must apologize for the slight delay of a new cartoon. Busy work week (I do not make a living off of my artwork as of now, but hopefully someday!) and a freshly broken scanner to boot....

ALSO- this is my 50th Alien and Dog cartoon *massive applause*


  1. Wow, 50!! Way to go - I'm in on the massive applause.

  2. **clapping**

    My kid loves sugary cereal, but i never let him have it.

  3. Haha, thank you for following Robin!