Saturday, July 17, 2010


Well, being the newbie at my job I didn't have the most desirable schedule my 1st week- not a lot of time for hardcore cartooning. However, next week looks a lot better and I promise more Alien and Dog. Thanks so much to my followers and to those who dig and stick with my little cartoon.

So we'll just assume the last week that Kevin and Geel were 'lost in space' (the 2 previous cartoons were set in outer space, clever eh) ! During this time, Kevin seems to have come across some alien fleas!


  1. And what's worse, they only speak in Webdings!

  2. A new character??? He's awfully adorable for an alien varmint.

    Also, hmmmm, Lost in Space. Kind of begs for a little "Danger, Danger Will Robinson" thing going on for our heroes Kevin and Geel. (maybe you're too young to remember that show, but it was awesome!)

  3. Only you Chris would know that font - do people actually even use Webdings?? Hahaha
    And Robin- I am very familiar with the sci fi show, I love it. Not so much the movie that was made in the 90s with Joey from Friends- all kinds of terrible there.