Friday, July 23, 2010

Still waiting for football season....

I'm looking forward to football AND fantasy football- one more daily distraction to have around. Geel just wants to remind everyone who was the champ in his league last year- HIM (...and me. That's right. )


  1. Training camps start up next week!

  2. Ryan, baseball season isn't over yet!!!

    BTW, I went to your website to check out your illustrations... they're great! Is illustrating your main job? Very funny and clever. I especially liked Ponchous Pilot.

  3. Thanks! I'm embarrassed to say it- but that other website of might hasn't been updated since 2009, eeek. Lately I've been off in the cartoon world more so then my illustrations...but I need to find art related jobs, period- haha. And Ponchous Pilot was inspired by a real life pilot friend of mine actually! Thanks again so much!