Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alien and Dog- 1 YEAR OLD!

Alien and Dog has been around for a year now folks. I really love doing the cartoon, even though the last couple of months haven't been extremely productive. I plan to continue and further develop the characters, and perhaps get an ongoing storyline going, rather than standalone pieces every time- maybe a short children's book or comic book type thingy.  I also would like to get some products available for sale- like t-shirts/coffee mugs, or signed prints, etc. We'll see if I can get that ball rollin' anytime soon...
Anyhow, this cartoon is a throwback to the very first Alien and Dog. I wanted to update the original piece, as my techniques and characters have been refined (and they have names now!). Enjoy, and please keep checking out Alien and Dog! 
Here's the original cartoon that started everything:  


  1. Bon Anniversaire, Alien and Dog. Long may you live :)

  2.'s to the next 12 months !!!