Thursday, June 7, 2012

Studio Update

So I recently purchased a graphics tablet. Before I would draw my cartoons in pen and ink and scan the drawing into the computer. But now I can draw directly into Photoshop on my tablet (as many illustrator and cartoonists do). It's taking time to get it down, but I've seen progress- here's a drawing of Kevin I recently did entirely on the tablet:
So I've been doing a lot of sketching and seeing if this new method will improve the quality and quanity of my artwork. Hopefully I will feel confident and do a whole cartoon on it very soon!


  1.'s the only way ;)

  2. Nice tablet! It is big enough, so I bet it won't take too long to get grasp of that (I never got used to tablet, but the reason might be that mine is too small).

  3. :) I have one, but I miss pencil, so I didn't do anything :P