Friday, August 31, 2012

Transmitting new song from Mars...

My last Curiosity/Mars themed cartoon has been getting lots of views, so I figured I would do another. A couple of days ago, from the Black Eyed Peas had a new song broadcast from the rover on Mars. I gave the song, titled 'Reach for the Stars,' a listen- this cartoon was my reaction...

On a more serious note, I am glad people are so interested in Curiosity on Mars and there is excitement about our space program again. It's such a positive thing among all the bad stuff that goes on these days...hopefully it continues!

One more thing- I think this is the first Alien and Dog cartoon to not feature the two main characters. The 'alien pet' in this one was seen in a previous cartoon.


  1. I love Nickleback but the cartoon is so cute, I will forgive you, lol :)

  2. Haha, thank you- all in good fun, deep down I really do respect everybody's musical tastes!

  3. i think you should do more comics with your adorable alien pet. He's so cute. I see marketing possibilities here... I'd buy a little "alien pet" figurine. Does he have a name???