Wednesday, October 10, 2012

3 YEARS of Alien and Dog!

I posted the first Alien and Dog cartoon on October 9th 2009. And here I am today (ok, today is the 10th, ridiculously busy yesterday!) continuing the ongoing adventures of my characters. While I've had some creative dry spots at times (see 2011!!), I have seen a lot progress in my drawings and cartooning techniques with hopes to only get stronger. I do this cartoon for myself and my enjoyment, but it pleases me greatly that other people have also enjoyed it. As of right now, I average about 1000 views a month and if you are someone who takes time to read a cartoon of mine- I THANK YOU!! We'll see what happens down the road- I would love to someday self publish a compilation of cartoons or come up with Alien and Dog merchandise, like posters or t-shirts. Stay tuned!

A smattering of Alien and Dog cartoons throughout the years (click on images for larger size):


  1. Love this post! You are very talented, and I for one, have always enjoyed your humor and your artwork :)

  2. You have come a long way from your first one, your cartoon always looks so professional, I always find it makes me chuckle;)