Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Common Interests

Just another reason why aliens and dogs get along so well...

I know I just posted a cartoon yesterday, but I don't like sitting on finished work- so here's another one. It was good to do a 'down to earth' cartoon without aliens and spaceships and all that.
Working on this cartoon, I felt that it was a throwback to an earlier Alien and Dog, which had the two of them eating trash. Also, Kevin's dog friend appeared once before in this previous cartoon.


  1. This was funny Ryan, I am going back to read your other ones, I have been sooo busy but I really enjoy your cartoon;)

  2. Thank you kindly as always! I know what you mean, it takes time to keep up with all the great blogs out there, I have some catching up to do myself :) -RC

  3. I'm beginning to see Ryan judging from these critters that even an aliens best friend is his dog.