Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Planet Trash

Alien and Dog pulled a WALL-E (one of my favorite movies) with a similar depiction of a future planet Earth. Our planet's future should be a major concern. There needs to be more balance and respect between human society and nature. However, I am left with a quote stuck in my head that I heard somewhere: "there is no profit in saving the earth." Sigh. 

On another note, I feel Geel and Kevin's time travel capability is a bit of a gimmick (I also used it in this one)- I won't be using it often in cartoons.

And yes, I enjoy taking jabs at McDonald's. 


  1. Cute cartoon... :)

    I agree we should be looking to save our planet before it ends up as your cartoon depicts, since I see it going that way unfortunately...

  2. I have similar feelings towards McDonalds :-P awesome comic. Your drawings of trashy earth are great! McD's fits right in there!

  3. Thanks Launna and Robin for your comments. I really enjoyed doing the drawings of trashy earth!

  4. Mother nature will eventually tire of humans and heal the Earth, Its reassuring to know you can always find something in the trash, lol. hmm I feel hungry now. It must be time for a McDonalds.

  5. I will admit their fries are pretty good!