Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Throwback Time Again

When I don't have much new to post- I put up an old cartoon! I want to say this is probably the third or fourth Alien and Dog cartoon created, back in 2009 (wow, I'm getting old....)  I feel the characters are holding up over time tho, which pleases me greatly!

The Alien and Dog book is going great! 20 pages completed. Probably got another 30 to go. I don't have an exact time table for when it will be completed, but the sooner the better! I hate not posting cartoons regularly, but I feel the book will be really fun and it's worth the time and focus on it. Stay tuned!


  1. This is really great to hear Ryan, I am going to have to get a copy :)

    This post was very cute... made me laugh, which is always good. I think the characters are holding up over time too :)

  2. I think I actually remember this. I also started in 2009 - then went quiet and then came back.
    Love Alien & Dog.

    1. You're back! I love your comic!! Hell yea man