Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Space Jamz

This is a possible page from the Alien and Dog book currently being made. I was wondering to include or omit it, and realized it also kinda worked as a stand alone cartoon as well. Figured I would post it, so if it didn't end up being in the book at least it could be seen on here!

Book Update: currently at about 30 pages.... shooting for a "holiday season release".

I really enjoy putting Alien and Dog comics on the website Tapastic- sometimes I add little music clips to try and add another source of humor to them...


  1. Alien is right... Earth does have some bad music... :-) I am not sure dog could handle it... ;-)

    It sounds like the book is coming a long... that's great ;-)

  2. Thanks for looking and for your comments Launna, I hope you are doing well! :) -RC